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What data sources can UMRA work with? - Knowledgebase / UMRA - Tools4ever NW Support

What data sources can UMRA work with?

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UMRA can work with a wide variety of data sources, such as flat files (CSV), LDAP systems, and any ODBC-compliant database. Data from these sources are pulled into UMRA as in-memory tables, which can then be leveraged inside of your project or exported to a CSV file.

Any time you want to pull data into UMRA, you will need to use the Generate Generic Table action (Variable Actions > Table). This action gives you the option to connect to one of any number of different data sources, and store the retrieved information in a script variable.

If you are connecting to a ODBC-compliant database, you may need to work with your database administrator to acquire the proper credentials and queries to retrieve the information that you desire.