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Welcome to Tools4ever Support - Knowledgebase / DeskPro - Tools4ever NW Support

Welcome to Tools4ever Support

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Welcome to the NW Tools4ever Support page!

This should be your first stop for all your Tools4ever needs.  Logging in allows full access to the following:

Along the top navigation of the site you can:

  • Request Support
    • This allows you to open a support ticket directly to our Software Support Consultants who will answer your questions and help get your software working properly again.
  • Access our Knowledge Base
    • Here you can find detailed examples and walkthroughs for our various products.
    • If you can't find the answer you are looking for please open a support ticket.
  • Download the latest Tools4ever software
    • It is important to keep your software updated to have access to not only the latest bug fixes and security patches, but new features are being added to our software all the time you can be taking advantage of.
    • You can also find the latest release notes here detailing any new features and fixes.
  • Provide Feedback and suggestions to help us improve our projects and services
    • Every product has room for improvement.  Help us improve ours by providing feedback using this area of the Support Site.

Along the right side of the site, you can:

  • Sign in to the Support Site
    • Many of the features require a registered account to access them, such as Downloads, License Info, some Knowledge Base articles, and requesting support (opening a ticket.)
  • Retrieve your current software licenses
    • Need to install or migrate your Tools4ever software to a new server, but can't find that email that had your License Code?  No problem!  Just look here to get your latest license codes you can copy and paste to your new install.
  • See your current Maintenance Information
  • More links to the available Knowledge Base articles and Downloads.


Getting Started

If you have ever been a CC or part of a ticket with Tools4ever, you likely already have an account.  Enter your Email Address on the right, click the 'lost' link, and follow the instructions to get a new PW.

If you are a new customer, click the 'Register' button and fill in your name and email address.  If your company or organization is a current customer with a registered domain, you will automatically gain access to all the features of the Support Site.  If not, after you complete your registration submit a ticket telling us who you are and we will get your new account connected.


Thank you for being a Tools4ever customer.  If you have any questions or feedback, please provide it in the Feedback or Request Help section of the site.