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Viewing UMRA license details - Knowledgebase / UMRA - Tools4ever NW Support

Viewing UMRA license details

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To view your currently installed UMRA license, follow these steps:

  1. Open the UMRA Console
  2. Select Help from the top menu bar and click on License

This will display your current console license(s). The display is broken up into several columns, each of which shows different information about your license(s).

  • Type: This should always be "Normal".
  • Status: If your license is expired, this will be "Expired". Otherwise, it will be "OK".
  • Name: This is the Active Directory domain for which this license applies.
  • Expires: For permanent keys, this will be "Never". Otherwise, this will be the date on which the license key will stop working.
  • # Users: This displays the maximum number of user objects that this license covers, along with the current number of user objects in parenthesis. If the number of current users exceeds the maximum number of users, the license will stop working.
  • License description: This field lists the various interface and function modules that have been purchased with this license. The details of what these mean can be found in the top half of the license window.

Counting Users

Select the license by clicking the value in the 'Type' column.  Once the license is selected, the button 'Count Users' in the lower right will be enabled. Press this button to perform the count. The number of Active Directory users will be displayed within the parentheses under '# Users'.