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Updating the Active Directory target domain controller - Knowledgebase / IAM - Tools4ever NW Support

Updating the Active Directory target domain controller

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In order to avoid replication issues, IAM targets a specific domain controller when performing tasks in Active Directory.  If your organization is planning to, or has recently decommissioned the domain controller that IAM is targeting, you will need to update IAM's connection to Active Directory to ensure continued functionality.  To update the target domain controller, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the IAM Management Studio.
  2. Navigate to the Vault Configuration tab (lower-left set of double gears).

  3. Expand Systems and then expand your Active Directory target connection.  This is typically labeled "AD".
  4. Double click on Connection to bring up the connection configuration window.

  5. Update the Domain Controller field's value to your desired value.  This can be a host name, fully-qualified domain name, or an IP address.
  6. Save the connection details.