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SSRPM: Using a custom logo

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By default, the SSRPM web interface will display the Tools4ever logo.  To instead display your organization's own logo, follow the instructions below.

  1. Acquire a logo image file (JPG or PNG) that is exactly 35 pixels in height. Images taller than 35px will layer behind the page contents below the logo area. The width can be anything you'd like up to 444px.
  2. Navigate to the root of your SSRPM web interface directory

Note: This is typically located at C:\inetpub\SSRPM\SSRPM_FA\.  Your exact path may vary.

  1. Edit the Web.config file

    • Change the values of "EnableCustomLogo" and "EnabledCustomCss" to "True"
    • Save the file
  2. Navigate into the Content folder
  3. Copy the image file from step 1 into to the Content\Images folder
  4. Edit the custom.css file

    • Change the ".logo" section to look like the code snippet below:


.logo {
    background-image:url("Images/<Your Logo Filename>");
    background-repeat: no-repeat;