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SSRPM - User Prompted for Hostname on Login

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SSRPM - User prompted for service hostname on login

Summary –

                After installing SSRPM on a server and SSRPM User Client on a workstation, the workstation prompts for the SSRPM server name upon power on/reboot.  The solution is to edit the registry and reboot.


Description –

                Consider a scenario where you have installed and configured SSRPM in your environment and have installed the SSRPM User Client on the domain workstations (for instance, using Group Policies to push out the software).

                After having successfully installed the client software on all domain workstations, one or more users are prompted for the SSRPM server’s hostname each time the workstation is turned on.  Once IT has performed basic troubleshooting, has manually entered the hostname themselves to ensure accuracy, and has even gone so far as to install the client software a second time over top of the previous installation, and if none of these actions have produced a different result and the prompt continues to appear each time the computer starts up, you will need to manually edit the registry settings.


Solution –

                If the user is prompted to enter the server hostname repeatedly, go into that computer’s registry using Regedit and set the server address in the following key:




Therein, you should see the following values:

Edit the “Server Name” value to be the SSRPM server hostname.  If the value is missing, create a new string value and enter the SSRPM server hostname.  If the “Port Number” value is missing, create a new DWORD value and enter the port number on which SSRPM is running (default is 37946) as a decimal value and switch it to hexadecimal before saving.


Close Regedit and any other open program windows and reboot.