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SSRPM - Error -2 resolution

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You are presented with SSRPM error code "-2 Wrong Version" when opening the SSRPM Admin Console.


This message is informing you that the versions of the SSRPM Admin Console, and the service to which is trying to connect, are not the same version. If you are not the primary administrator for SSRPM, please contact that person to verify that no upgrade is underway.

This error message is expected upon upgrading SSRPM. The first step of the upgrade is to install the new Admin Console.  When the console attempts to communicate with the service, the version difference is identified and the error is displayed. You are then prompted with a second message asking if you would like to upgrade the service. Clicking Yes will bring the service in line with the version of the Admin Console.

Care should be taken if there are multiple installations of the SSRPM Admin Console within your organization. An orphaned installation, if used, could cause the service to downgrade.