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SSRPM - Chromebook kiosk app

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Section 1

Download the attached zip to your local machine and open it. Extract “browser.html” and edit in your preferred text editor.

The following can be configured:

  • Line 10 - Title of Application (optional)
  • Line 18 - SSRPM Web URL (required)

 Add edited browser.html back to zip file.


Section 2

Publish your app in the Chrome Web Store

1. Login to the Chrome Developer Dashboard. (Google suggests using a new account just for your app instead of your personal account.)

2.  Click the Add new item button.

3. If you've never uploaded an item before, you need to accept the developer agreement before going to the next step.

4.   Click Choose file > your zip file > Upload. If your app's manifest and ZIP file are valid, you can edit your app on the next page. 

5. If the icon to the right of the “Upload” section is a puzzle piece, extract icon_128.png from zip and re-upload it in the “Icon” section.

6. Be sure to set the Visibility options at the end of the page to “Private” --> “Everyone at <yourGoogledomain>”. Remember, this app is specific to your organization and will not be useful to people outside of your organization.


Section 3

Add the app as a kiosk app

1.       Sign in to the Admin console.

2.       Click Device management > Chrome management > App management and select the app. 

3.       Click Kiosk Settings.

4.       Select the organizational unit where you want to deploy the kiosk app and click Save.



Section 4

(Optional) Set the Kiosk app to launch automatically

By setting the kiosk app to launch automatically when the device starts, you are configuring the app as a single-app kiosk. You can have many kiosk apps deployed to a device but only one can launch automatically when the device starts. 

Go to Kiosk Settings on the Device settings page, and select the kiosk app you want to launch automatically from the drop-down list.

·         Click the device settings page link to go to the Kiosk Settings.

 In the drop down menu, select SSRPM.