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Specify a default domain and hide domain selection - Knowledgebase / SSRPM - Tools4ever NW Support

Specify a default domain and hide domain selection

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When your users access the SSRPM web interface to either enroll or reset their passwords, they are prompted to choose their domain from a selection box. If you have multiple domains, and only want users to select one of them, then you may want to specify a default domain. In addition, you may want to hide the domain selection box altogether to cut down on any confusion.

Specifying a default domain and hiding the selection box can be done easily by modifying the SSRPM website's web.config file. On the IIS server that's running the website, this file is typically located at C:\inetpub\SSRPM\SSRPM_FA\Web.config.

Specify a default domain

In the web.config file, find the "DefaultDomain" setting. By default, it looks like this:

Change its value tag to contain your domain's NETBIOS name. This is also the value that is displayed in the selection box.

When you are finished, save the file. The next time a user attempts to enroll or reset their password through the SSRPM web interface, their domain selection box will default to the value that you have provided.

Hide the domain selection box

If you want to make things even easier, you can remove the selection entirely.  To do this, you'll need to modify the "EnableDomainSelectionEnroll" and "EnableDomainSelectionReset" values from True to False. Do not do this without specifying a default domain.

By default, the settings look like this:

Change them to look like this, and save the file:

Now, when users enroll or reset their passwords through the SSRPM web interface, they will not see the domain selection box. SSRPM will assume their domain to be the default domain that you specified.