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Removal of ServiceDesk Role from a user or group. - Knowledgebase / HelloID - Tools4ever NW Support

Removal of ServiceDesk Role from a user or group.

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Example Behavior:  You have a user, or group of users that have the Servicedesk tab, and you wish to remove access to this. The Servicedesk tab is shown to the end user on the tool bar on the left side.

To remove a user, or group of users from being able to access the Servicedesk  role you will first need to identify the group, or groups that the users are a part of.  After identifying these groups you will need to investigate the various user roles to ensure that these roles are assigned in the desired scope of access.

Identifying groups that the user is under

In order to understand what permissions or roles that a user has access to you must first understand what groups the user may be under ( Note:

 groups are not a requirement but a method to organize users and assign rights. This may also be done on a per user basis) , as each group may have access to permissions that you may, or may not want your user to have depending on how your helloID groups, and user roles are currently configured. 

Identify and note which groups the user is part of.  This can be achieved by going to directory, and clicking on the users tab. 

This will display a list of users. Find the specific user that you want to ensure does not have access to the service automation role. Click the edit button on the right hand side of the account.

Click Groups at the top right to see which groups that the user is under.  If a user is under a group, and this group is assigned to a specific user role, they will have access to that role, so it is best to identify the groups that a user is under before identifying the user roles

Identifying Security roles, and which users or groups are under those roles

Once you have the groups that your user is under identified, go to your security roles tab to investigate how your security roles are assigned.

This takes us to our security roles page. This page outlines all security roles that have been created, and what users or groups have been given access to those roles.

First, look at any default roles, and any users or groups within them to see if your user, or user group is under any roles that are marked as default. If a role is set as default, any users created will be placed under that role upon the user accounts creation.  

In order to look at which users or groups are under a security role, click user, or groups on the right of the role you wish to look at. 

when looking at either group or user, a window showing you which user, or group falls under the selected security role. If you wish to remove a user or group, click the check box on the left side of the user or group listed, and click remove at the bottom left of the window. 

Enabling or disabling a security right under a selected security role.

to find the role specifically, click the edit button to open the selected role, and click on rights to see all security roles available. this is found on the top right hand side after clicking edit on the selected security role. 

Specifically, if you wish that the end user no longer have access to the Servicedesk tab, you would deactivate the following security right. In order for the user to not be able to access this, you will need to ensure this by disabling this security right in any security roles that your user, or user group may be under.