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Modifying Notification Emails - Knowledgebase / SSRPM - Tools4ever NW Support

Modifying Notification Emails

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These instructions are deprecated for the current version of SSRPM

SSRPM Notification emails may be easily customized by modifying either (or both) of the base files for each notification activity .

From the SSRPM Administrator's Guide:

4.2.3. E-mail

The SSRPM Service can send a notification e-mails. This can be configured differently per SSRPM Profile, see paragraph: E-mail notification on page 31 for more information. The SSRPM Service uses the specified the mail server and port to send all notification e-mails to one or more recipient(s), which are specified in the applicable SSRPM Profile.

The notification e-mails can be sent as either plain text or html. The content of these e-mails is determined by several e-mail content files, so that this can be modified easily. These files are stored on the same computer on which the SSRPM Service is installed (located by default at: 'C:\Program Files\SSRPM Service\Email\'). For each notification e-mail separate html and text e-mail content files are available:

  • Account enrollment notification e-mail files: Enrollment.txt (for plain text) or Enrollment.html (for html)
  • Account reset notification e-mail files: ResetAccount.txt (for plain text) or ResetAccount.html (for html)
  • Account block e-mail notification files: Block Account.txt (for plain text) or Block Account.html (for html)