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Install the UMRA service using a local account - Knowledgebase / UMRA - Tools4ever NW Support

Install the UMRA service using a local account

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In cases where the UMRA server cannot reach a domain controller, it may be necessary to complete the service installation using a local account.

  • Create a local admin account named UmraSvcAccount
  • Login locally with the UmraSvcAccount user
  • Open the UMRA console and start the service installation wizard
  • On the account specification page, enter the username and password of the local UmraSvcAccount user  

  • Complete the service installation wizard
  • Open services.msc
  • Locate the UMRA service
  • Open the UMRA service's properties
  • Navigate to the Log On tab
  • Change the service account to the intended domain user
  • Restart the UMRA service