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How to send email through Google's SMTP Relay - Knowledgebase / UMRA - Tools4ever NW Support

How to send email through Google's SMTP Relay

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Note: Sending emails through Google's SMTP relay will require that you have a Google Apps domain set up and configured

Sending emails with UMRA is a great way to gain visibility into the processes that are being run through UMRA. For example, you may want to send out an email whenever a user account is created or disabled, or you may want to send a summary email at the end of your scripts. Whatever your use case is, sending emails from UMRA requires an SMTP server to relay those emails to their proper destination.  If you don't have an SMTP server on your network, you can use Google's.

The first step is to configure your Google Apps domain's SMTP relay service settings. We recommend that you use the following settings:

  • Allowed senders: Only addresses in my domains
  • Authentication: Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses (provide your organization's external IP address/range)

Once SMTP relay services have been configured in Google, you can follow these steps to send emails from UMRA:

  1. Create a new script, or open a script that you want to modify
  2. In the Actions pane, expand Variable Actions > Mail, and drag the Send HTML mail message action into your script
  3. Set the properties of the Send HTML mail message to the following values:
    • SMTP Server:
    • To: <>
    • From: <>
    • Subject: Test email
    • HTML text: This is a test email
  4. Save your script and run it. You should receive an email shortly. If you do not, double check your settings, or review the error if one has been encountered.
Note: The To and From addresses must be surrounded by < and > characters, otherwise Google's SMTP server will return a syntax error