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How does PSM work?

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About PSM

PSM (Password Synchronization Manager) is an optional UMRA module that listens for password change events inside of your Active Directory domain. When the PSM listener identifies a password change event, it automatically synchronizes the new password with all managed downstream systems.

In order for PSM to sync password changes, PSM listener must be installed onto each domain controller in the domain. If a password reset occurs on a domain controller that does not have it installed, the PSM listener will not be able to capture the event.

PSM Workflow

Per the above workflow, the PSM sync process is as follows.

  1. The user changes their password, or has their password changed by the helpdesk
  2. The domain controller processes the password change
  3. The PSM listener passes the user’s information to the UMRA server
  4. The UMRA server updates the user’s login information on all managed downstream systems